We are open to applications from any ex-offender in the UK, regardless of background, ethnicity, faith, marital circumstances or sexual orientation.

Our mission is to work with any ex offender who wishes to demonstrate that they are on the path to rehabilitation and want our support in doing so with the services we can currently provide and intend to provide in the future. At the point we become aware that a service user has re-offended or has used our services other than for the lawful execution of day to day life, we will deregister that user from all services.

There may be instances where we have to consider the background of an ex-offender when providing a particular service and these are determined by our partner providers. Examples of this include provision of vouchers for entertainment services where an ex-offender may be restricted from certain places or provision of financial services where an ex-offender may appear on a sanction list. These are rare examples and in these instances we would strive to tailor a service where possible.

We are committed to all financial regulation, legal regulation and data protection regulation and the partners we work with uphold these in the most stringent ways possible.

If you are applying on behalf of a serving prisoner, for this scheme, it is essential they are either in the last 6 months of their sentence or are on a working ROTL scheme. We will be launching a separate initiative for those in custody to manage their finances.

Pre Registration before April 30th 2019 will give you or your loved one, an early adopter account with a 20% discount for the first 12 months.

Please be duly advised that our partner organisations will have Terms and Conditions which will need to be adhered to alongside our services.

The banking facility will be provided through a partner service working with us. The account provided will include 30 free banking transactions per month. Minimum fees will apply thereafter. ATM withdrawal fees not included. Terms and conditions will apply.