Mobile Phone & Contract

Due to popular demand, and as a registered reseller, we are pleased to be able to offer a reduced rate phone and contract available to anyone who is interested. For only £18 month, you will be provided with an android phone, unlimited calls and text messages and 5GB Data. Renovare will require a £10 activation fee and £25 upfront payment.

Without a mobile phone, navigating modern society is almost impossible and Renovare knows that. How else are you expected to apply for jobs or contact loved ones? If you are newly released from prison, you may find it difficult to have the financial stability to sign up for a mobile phone plan but not with the help of Renovare. You will be provided with your own 24-month contract android mobile phone with the first three months of the contract – for free.
This unique service exclusive to Renovare customers will then revert to a monthly payment of £18 which is the best, if not the only deal of this kind on the market.

At Renovare we recognise that our customers should have access to phone service with as little difficulty as possible. If you are not a Renovare member but would like to take out a phone and contract with us, you can select the ‘Phone and Contract only’ package.