Help Finding Work

While it may be illegal to openly discriminate against former inmates, ask anyone who’s served time if finding a job after your sentence is easy and the answer will be no. The practice of deliberate discrimination may be over, but the core issue still exists. Renovare knows the topic will come up in your interview and will properly prepare you on how to respond appropriately and professionally. In addition, we’ll help you craft a resume and prepare for the interviewing process. If you are willing, you’ll be back to work in no time.

We will work with you to create an updated CV and cover letter to ensure all your strong points and best skills are highlighted as you proceed with your job applications. We have a list of companies who regularly recruit people with convictions that we can sign post you to, but we encourage you to apply for any job that interests you as many other employers have an open recruitment and selection process.

From time to time Renovare find and create paid projects that we employ our members for.