At Renovare, our simple concept is to help and reintegrate the financially excluded into society by enabling them to receive benefits, salaries, set up direct debits and enable savings. Our Service is credit check free.


A cost effective Banking solution provided through a mobile app.

  • No credit check
  • Banking solution and app

£7.99 /per month

(with £10 activation fee)

The Renovare package

If you are newly released from prison, getting back on your feet may not be easy. Sign up to the banking solution and enjoy the first 3 months of the phone contract for free.

  • Banking solution and app
  • Mobile phone
  • No credit check
  • Mobile phone free for the first 3 months

£7.99 for the first 3 month

(£25.99 per month thereafter with £10 activation fee)

Phone & Contract only

Not a Renovare banking customer? No worries! Take advantage of this great phone deal anyway.

  • Mobile phone
  • No credit check

£18 /per month

(with £10 activation fee and £45 upfront payment)

How Renovare will help you return to society for £7.99 per month

The Renovare Card

Renovare will provide you with a bespoke banking solution and contactless debit card to fit your everyday needs.

Mobile Phone & Contract

A mobile phone and contract for £18 per month (free for the first 3 months for ex-offenders) allowing you to maintain contact with friends, family, and future employers. We also have phone options available for non-members.

Help Finding Work

Renovare will also assist with finding jobs, job applications, CVs, and interviews to make sure you find work quickly.

Mentoring, Advice & Support

Advice and Support for all members of Renovare will be available to make sure you confidently flourish in your life after prison.

Vouchers & Special Offers

Special offers or vouchers for clothing retailers, restaurants, entertainment and more to help you get back on your feet.

Learn how Renovare can help you turn your life around

Renovare is here to help you during all aspects of your return to public life. Whether you need a current account to save your money and invest, a mobile phone to contact employers, help to find work or something as simple as a discounted haircut, you need to look no further than Renovare. Getting back on your feet can be difficult. Let Renovare be your helping hand.